Science Movies Revisited

Awhile back, I wrote a post titled Your Tax Dollars at Work, which explained how the government was paying for scientists to take screenwriting courses which would hopefully make science look cool, which in turn would hopefully get made into real movies, which in turn would hopefully convince the moviegoing public to study science in the interest of homeland security. I figured that was the last we’d ever hear of it.

Well, I was wrong. Wired has a movie guy rate the pitches.

Bizarre. I wonder how the scientist-writers were selected. It could be that they already had an idea and applied for a grant to learn how to make a screenplay of it.

But I agree that it’s very remote. Besides, we already have a forum for this to happen: scientists write Sci-Fi books all the time, and if they happen to be good a movie producer will pick it up.

Some of the pitches seem good… the key is going to be having the films NOT be the conventional Sci-Fi story. People who love sci-fi stories already think science jobs are cool.