The Daily Doom: Monster Mass, the anti-Occam, and, uh, Simon Pegg

Things have been on the busy side, but I’ve had a bunch of links that I wanted to email around. Then I figured: hey, there’s a blog, I could just do that instead. This is your Daily Doom for March 22nd, 2006. Don’t all thank me at once.

  • Episcopalian Church Ad as Monster Truck Rally (The Consumerist)
    “This SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! It’s a SACRAMENTAL SHOWDOWN at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in South Side”
  • Moore’s Law For Razor Blades (Gizmodo)
    “We’d be impressed except that by 2100 we expect hair removal to be taken care of automagically by nanobots as we shower. Who wants blades when you can have teeny tiny robots?”
  • Simon Pegg’s First Video Blog from the set of Hot Fuzz
    “Now I have to take off my clothes, which can’t be seen on the Internet. Not at this website anyway.”