South by Southwest Update

I am currently in Austin, visiting the South by Southwest Interactive Festival with the notorious Emily and a cadre of her pals. Before you say how jealous you are because I get to see so many cool bands and indie movies, let me remind you that you have to pay separately for those parts of the festival. I only paid for the web and game stuff, but that still leaves me with plenty of adventures and mysteries.

Mystery Adventure #1: The Third Floor of the Austin Convention Center. You can’t take any staircase from the fourth floor to the third floor without going outside and setting off a fire alarm. You must take the elevator tucked away in the corner of the fourth floor. The LED readout in the elevator informs you that you are one floor below what the sign outside the elevator says. Also, there is a bonus unlabeled button above the fourth floor button in the elevator, even though the building seems to not have extra floors. Someone suggested that it would take you into John Malkovich’s head. Personally, I think this building was designed by a fan of HP Lovecraft and that some day I will go to the third floor and return gibbering about evil gods awakening from an ancient slumber.

Mystery Adventure #2: Austin weather. It was totally gorgeous here. I was so happy. Now it is pouring. Isn’t Texas supposed to be dry or something?

Mystery Adventure #3: Internet fame. I am not clued in to who is supposed to be famous here. I’ll spend awhile chatting with someone at a party and then find out later that they work on some project everybody knows about, and may even be famous in their own right. Today I met a soon-to-be interviewee who worked on Spore, the new game by the Sim City people. One of my roommates for my stay here works on Twitter, I think, which Dan is always babbling about and which may have won an award tonight. I keep emerging from conversations to find out that I was talking to someone who other people recognized as some notable somethingorother. It will be very embarrassing tomorrow when I spill mustard on the dude giving tomorrow’s keynote, not realizing who it was, just to have Emily lean over and whisper, “Way to totally mess up Dan Rather, Jason.”

[…] this week, I returned from Austin, Texas, where I had attended the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. SXSW started as a music festival, as I understand it, […]