Magic Realism is Making a Comeback

I went to concerts for the last couple nights in a row, and I learned some very interesting things I want to share with you.

You can take a melody everyone knows and make it more danceable by putting a louder beat behind it and shouting over it in Portuguese. Thanks to Bonde Do Role for teaching me this.

If the bar is selling $1 PBR cans, don’t buy yourself a bottle of Corona. Maybe the extra $4 (plus tip) covered the really big lime they gave me.

When dancing, if you can convince yourself that smashing into the people next to you is part of the fun for both you and them, you will actually have more fun. Thanks to the people next to me for teaching me this. Sorry to Caralyn for that strategy leading to a sprained wrist and several bruises.

Make sure you’re looking at the right band’s page on MySpace. And bands: have more friends than “Tom” if you want to look like your MySpace page belongs to a band and not just a geek with a clever handle. I was all excited to see Datarock last night because I saw a poster advertising the show and noting their MySpace page, which took me to awesome songs. I was planning on leaving if the Presets sounded anything like what I thought was their MySpace page, but which turned out to be a band called Preset, which is not my cup of tea. I left the Presets’ page because my Flash blocker hid their music interface from me at first, and their only friend was Tom, so I figured they were probably not a headlining band. As a result, I also continued to call them “Preset” for the rest of the day, even as my very patient friends kept using the right name. Also, I should note that both bands were great.

Somewhat forgotten literary genres can be modified to make funny phrases. Thanks to Mario for claiming that his new philosophy is “magical nihilism,” even if he still working out what the heck that means. If the whole philosophizing thing doesn’t work out, anyway, that would be a pretty good name for an album.

This pretty much sums it up, yeah.