Drive in

About time. Having finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel, FOX has made the last two episodes of Drive available in streaming form online. It’s not perfect: when I tried to watch it, it jumped at a couple of points, causing me to miss lines of dialog which weren’t crucial, but I’d have liked to hear. Also, you have to watch the same annoying Smirnoff Ice commercial like four or five times, and you can’t watch it in fullscreen mode.

But I digress. I’ve watched the penultimate episode, which wasn’t bad, but felt a little inconsequential. I’m hoping the last episode gets around to answering some more questions about the show, though since several more had been planned beyond that, I’m guessing I’ll be left wondering.

I’d been considering boycotting FOX this coming season, after this atrocious behavior, but it turns out the point is moot: there’s nothing on the network that I’m dying to see. Maybe New Amsterdam or The Sarah Connor Chronicles will turn out to not suck, but I’m not holding my breath.