Daily Doom: Spock will eat your brain, someone is voted back on the island, Indy shot first

It’s been a while since we had a good Daily Doom post, but I came rapidfire across three links that will be of particular interest to those who follow three of the major sci-fi establishments:

  • First up, there’s news that Zachary Quinto (aka Heroes‘s Sylar) will be donning pointy ears to play Mr. Spock in JJ Abrams’s version of the feature film. Quinto’s done an exceptional, if psychopathic, turn as watchmaker-turned-supervillain Gabriel Gray, and I think he’ll do a bangup job as Spock. Now: does that make Milo Ventimiglia James T. Kirk?
  • A familiar face is returning to the Lost island next year, which will hopefully help answer many of the questions as the show passes its halfway point and begins its descent. There’s no details besides the actor/character, but if you really want to be surprised, I’d avoid the link above.
  • Finally, George Lucas apparently has a sense of humor. How else can you explain this shot of him from the Indiana Jones 4 set, wearing a Han Shot First shirt and standing next to Harrison Ford? Could it be: will there be a super-fantasti-terrific edition in which Han Solo not only shoots Greedo, but proceeds to beat him to death with the butt of his gun? We can only hope.