Short Game Review: God of War II

Basically like the first God of War, except kind of less novel and impressive. I do appreciate that we’ve graduated from brutally slaying the monsters of Greek mythology to mercilessly impaling an all-star cast of human heroes, and there is a really cool scene where you’re fighting some guy completely in silhouette. But it kind of uses up the most epic scene at the beginning, and then the end just fizzles in a weak boss battle and the promise of a sequel. Maybe the copious bonus features will keep me more amused than the game itself, though.

You need to come and take this game away from me. I played it all weekend and am now halfway through playing it the second time on ‘bonus’ mode, mostly because I’m dressed as a fish and get to use the giant sword that obliterates monsters. I don’t really have a good reason for playing at this point.

It’s a good game, but the lack of any sort of conclusion in the plot irritates me the same way that Pirates of the Caribbean 2 irritated me. It’s just a vehicle for the 3rd game, and that’s a bogus way of doing business. It’s not at the level of Halo 2, which was essentially an expansion pack, but it’s not something that can stand on it’s own.

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