Short Movie Review: Shoot ‘Em Up

Shoot ‘Em Up is ridiculous. Never has an action movie been so much about action at the expense of being a movie. At only 86 minutes the movie doesn’t even really have time to fit much pretense of a story between the gun fights. Clive Owen and and Paul Giamatti manage to squeeze in some banter which is nice but it is ultimately about guns, guns, and guns. Clive Owen’s character Mr. Smith does manage to kill TWO baddies with a vegetable, as well as engaging in a gun battles both while delivering a baby and having sex (separate occasions.) Shoot ‘Em Up opens ridiculous and grows from there which is a dedication to being ridiculous that not enough action movies are brave enough to embrace.

[…] it is certainly not good, but it is also not bad in any interesting ways like say The Spirit or Shoot ‘Em Up. I wanted to like this if only for Dominic West playing the villain Jigsaw; we know he’s […]