Not a single Burt Reynolds reference

If you haven’t yet read Wired’s article on the latest attempt to break the record for driving from coast to cast—the legendary Cannonball Run—it’s worth checking out. The amount of technology packed into the car is amazing—laser jammers, radar detectors, GPS, CB scanners—but more than that, it’s a great story. In order to beat the existing record of 32 hours and 7 minutes, driver Alex Roy and co-pilot Dave Maher had to average 90 miles per hour, a proposition that was both dangerous and highly illegal. In fact, the story had to be held for months just so the statute of limitations on all the traffic violations they’d committed would expire. And just check out the insane spreadsheet detailing the entire trip.

I love to drive, and having done the cross-country route a couple times before, I love the idea of doing something like this. On the other hand, it sounds hugely terrifying, and I rather prefer not dealing with the—with my luck—inevitable police encounters. Maybe I’ll just stick with visiting all six New England states in one day (though think about this: the 32 hour 7 minute record means going coast-to-coast in under twice the time it took us just to go to all six states).

On one other note, as I was reading this piece I thought to myself: hey, this would make a great premise for a television show.

Oh, wait.