5 Songs I want in Rock Band

My biggest problem with Rock Band is that it’s almost too much fun. As a result, I’ve started seeing those little rhythm targets in my sleep, and mentally calculating my drum fills on every song that comes onto my iPod. But it’s not enough; I want to play along to all of my favorite songs. And, if nothing else, the world of downloadble content makes it possible that some of these songs could be added in the future.

So, in no particular order:

“All Along the Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix

A) it’s a classic with a kicking drum line, lyrics by Bob Dylan, and Hendrix on guitar. There is no B.

“I’m Shipping Up to Boston” – Dropkick Murphys

Okay it’s a little short, the lyrics are pretty limited, and you’d probably need some extra instruments for the full effect, but man is that an adrenaline-pumping song.

“A Certain Romance” – Arctic Monkeys

For the opening drum and guitar riffs alone, this song would be worth rocking out to. Barring this, perhaps “Fluorescent Adolescent.”

“The Bleeding Heart Show” – The New Pornographers

There’s already one track by The New Pornographers on the disc; why not add a second one? I can’t help but play air drums when I’m listening to this song anyway. Plus, it’s catchier than the common cold.

“The Beginning of the End” – Guster

Guster’s probably my favorite band, and I’d love to see something from them on the song list. “The Beginning of the End” is an easy song to rock out to, but “The New Underground” would be acceptable, as would their cover of Talking Heads’s “(Nothing But) Flowers.”

Obviously I could go on, with songs from other favorite bands like Jimmy Eat World and Motion City Soundtrack, but the point here is really that I want to be able to play along with any arbitrary song I choose. Harmonix has already come up with a system somewhat like this for their iPod-based game, Phase. I’m sure adapting it to Rock Band would be a non-trival task (that’s programmer-speak for “not gonna happen unless there’s some serious money”), and I can see why they wouldn’t want to do it, unless there was a way of making some cash on it, but I still hope that some day, some day, my music library and I will meet in a virtual rock concert that will shake the house to its foundations (advance apologies to my downstairs neighbor).

Any idea how the songs actually do get selected?

I think there’s a thing about that in “Extras” in the game.

You guys should put “broken bones” by non point…and “alive and kicking”…….

“Sad but true” by metallica. And “one”….. these songs are easy to sing and crazy in all instruments these will be kick ass songs……hope all works out……and chiodos! Lol