State of the Slate: the writers’ strike and where shows stand

The writers’ strike has entered its fifth week and, given the apparently unsatisfactory offer from the AMPTP last week, it looks to continue indefinitely. A number of shows have already run out of produced episodes so the network slate is going to start looking a little sparse post-Christmas. Here’s an update, courtesy of Geek Tonic, of how many episodes are left for shows that I’m watching (if I don’t cover your favorite show, hit the link above for the full list). A * indicates that this season was intended to be a show’s final season.

*Battlestar Galactica – 10 episodes of the final season are ready to go, but episode 11 (which was to be directed by showrunner Ron Moore has apparently been canned). The show’s currently due to start in April.

Bionic Woman – Last episode aired last week. Not picked up for full season, so may not return.

Burn Notice – Season two is due to air next summer, but not sure where production stands, but will probably be delayed.

Chuck – One episode left, due to air sometime in 2008.

Dirty Sexy Money – Two episodes left to air.

Entourage – Next season due to air in the summer, may be delayed.

Heroes – Finale aired last Monday (Short review: meh).

How I Met Your Mother – Last episode airs next Monday.

Journeyman – Three episodes left to air. All will air in the next couple weeks, though it sounds as though the show will not be renewed. There’s currently a campaign underway to save this show which, if you ask me, definitely deserves to be renewed. If I could save one show this year, this would be it (my other favorites, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, and Chuck have already been picked up for a full season, strike notwithstanding).

Lost – 8 episodes of the 16 episode season are in the can and due to air starting in February.

Psych – Complete second half of the season airs starting in January (special Christmas episode on this Friday!).

Pushing Daisies – Last episode airs next Wednesday and acts as the season finale.

Reaper – Last episode aired last night. Was not picked up for a full season, so its fate is up in the air.

*Scrubs – 6 episodes left (this is the last season, and it was supposed to be a full 22 episode order, so that may leave the show hanging at the halfway mark, details at Wikipedia).

*The Shield – All thirteen episodes of the final season will air in January or February (I’m watching season five right now, so I should be finished in time for the new season).

*The Wire – The final season will air in its 10 episode entirety starting in January (thank god).

Looking at that list reminds me of one thing: I apparently watch way too much television. Of course, there’s always British television and Netflix to get us through these difficult times. Despite the personal pain the lack of television will cause to me and my loved ones, I continue to support the strike wholeheartedly. Consider this my personal sacrifice.