Short Music Review: Mega Ran

For me, nerdcore hip-hop has been a pretty hit-or-miss affair, leaning pretty heavily toward the misses. At least, that was the case before I started reading Hipster, Please! and listening to the associated Radio Free Hipster podcasts. One of the first gems I discovered through this was Mega Ran, a concept album telling the story of Megaman and geek culture itself using game samples. If that weren’t fun and impressive enough, now Random, the artist behind the album, gets to brag that he won’t be getting sued—Capcom turned out to be happy to license it (which again I learn from Z.). Head on over to the CDbaby page and check out some sample tracks.

I for one just saw MC Front A Lot at Anime Boston and loved it. Excited that the documentary about him and other nerdcore artists “Nerdcore Rising” is going to be playing twice I guess at the IFF in April. I’m hoping one of the screenings is at the Coolidge Corner theater, but just have to see!