Short Book Review: Cordelia’s Honor

Following up on reading Lois McMaster Bujold’s serial sci-fi collection Young Miles, I decided to read a two-novel omnibus featuring the titular Miles’s mother, Cordelia. I read things out of order because Dan suggested that the Miles books are easier to get into, and I’m glad I did. Shards of Honor (the first book in the omnibus), especially at the beginning, reads like a romance novel in space—which is not bad, but probably would have registered as “not what I’m looking for” if I’d started with it. The first few pages are so laden with colorful adjectives that they read like a high schooler wrote them, but the writing improves as you go. Overall, though, I enjoyed both novels in the omnibus, and they provided an interesting answer to the question of what you might get when an unabashedly feminine feminist writes military/political sci-fi: intrigue, a glimpse at strong people’s vulnerabilities, and parenting with a dash of adventure.