Short Music Review: Popped! Music Festival

First, let me say that if they have this festival in the future, don’t go. They lied about the student discount, so it cost over thirty bucks to get in. They didn’t tell me until it was too late to get my money back that there’s no re-entry, which is kind of cruel for an event that goes for nine hours and offers only tiny, burned hamburgers, small handfuls of bland fries, and equally unimpressive chicken tenders or hot dogs at more-expensive-than-the-ballpark prices. Plus, events that charge an arm and a leg for entry AND food shouldn’t be so pimped out with advertisers and promo people. It was just all wrong. Don’t go.

As for the music itself: Gogol Bordello was appropriately crazy. The matching dancing/screaming girls were a nice touch. Vampire Weekend was fun enough, but their reception and appearance both made me uncomfortable. Last time I checked, this was an obscure hipster band, but today, they turned out to be preppies surrounded by throngs of adoring college girls screaming, “I love you!” Also, I think I might be old enough to be the lead singer’s father. Overall, I would have just said to nuke the whole festival were it not for the saving grace of Mates of State. I would happily pay money again to see a couple that cute (with a toddler that cute) play charming music for us all. It brought a smile to my crooked lips.

Musically, I thought the festival was amazing! I agree though–the food was really pricey…hence why I didn’t eat the entire day, hahaha

Okay, so maybe “nuke the whole festival” was born more from my lingering resentment over the food situation (and crankypants headache that resulted) than from any actual complaint about the musicians themselves. A full night’s sleep and several meals later, I’m kind of regretting I didn’t take the chance to see more of the bands.

I think my official word on this is this: Next year, find a way to sneak in, and bring food, water, and ibuprofen. Then, enjoy! Nobody actually checks your ticket stub once you’re in there anyway.

(Wow, I should check my records to see if there’s any evidence of when I turned into a pissy old man.)

I came from New York and enjoyed Saturday’s show at Popped. I will agree that the re-entry thing pissed me off, especially with how little space there was to roam around. I mean it was this tiny slice of Drexel’s campus. After eight hours in the sun, I left before Vampire Weekend.

I thought Dan Deacon and Crystal Castles were two of the highlights of the day, as was Gogol Bordello. Mates of State definitely put me to sleep. Quite boring. Oh, and yes, the concessions were total crap and overpriced.