We are going to rock and roll all night. And every day.

Alright, I’m now pretty sure Harmonix has a bug planted in my car. A couple weeks ago, Gen, Jason and I were having a lengthy conversation about what we’d like to see in *Rock Band 2*. As more and more details become public, it sounds like they basically [took every suggestion we made in that discussion and incorporated it into the game](http://kotaku.com/5022939/rock-band-2-features-drum-trainer-wireless-instruments-full-backwards-compatibility). Here are the bullet points:

* Make Downloadable Content backwards compatible. Harmonix has said that all your existing DLC will be compatible with *Rock Band 2* (I’m not sure, but that also suggests that anything you buy in *Rock Band 2* will be compatible with *Rock Band*). No need to buy “More than a Feeling” twice. Phew.

* Battle of the Bands: Gen suggested a battle of the bands mode where you could assemble your own band and compete against other bands online. It seems Harmonix will hold regular battle of the band contests, though they don’t spell out how it works.

* Online World Tour: finally, thank god. This was the single biggest missing feature from *Rock Band*, so it ought to be at the top of the list. Online quickplay was fun, but lacked much of the charm of world tour mode. They’ve also tweaked the mechanics of world tour to allow you to switch instruments and kick players out of your band, which have been sorely needed.

* Import original *Rock Band* catalog: okay, so this isn’t confirmed, but it’s been rumored in a couple of different places. It would be great if you could somehow play the original songs in *Rock Band 2*. Some have suggested it will all be available as free DLC, while others say that there may be a way to transfer it from your disc to your hard drive. Either way: that would be killer.

Of course, that’s not all that *Rock Band 2* is going to offer. They’ve also redesigned the guitar (*hot*) and drums, added mini-campaigns, a drum trainer program, and 80 new tracks, all of which are master recordings. This has quickly become *my* number one anticipated game of the year.


Now comes the tricky part: with redesigned drums and guitar, do I just buy the game, or do I buy an entirely new bundle? I’m still in need of a separate guitar, and the new drums are *wireless* in addition to being quieter and sturdier—how can I resist? And if I’m going to buy drums, game, and a new guitar, then it should be cheaper to just buy the new bundle.