The hoverboard can be yours…if the price is right

In our continuing self-appointed duty to bring you all the news that is fit to electronically print about our favorite *cryptotechnological* means of conveyance, I just wanted to point out to you that one lucky person will be able to take home [the actual hoverboard used in *Back to the Future II*]( Along with a handful of other *rare artifacts* such as [*the Holy Fucking Grail*](, it’s being auctioned off on July 31st. Granted, you’ll need to pony up $30,000—but come on, I mean, a hoverboard *pays for itself*, amirite?

There’s kind of a cruel bent to this auction. I mean, selling of [C-3PO’s feet]( And what about [Geordi’s visor](; how’s the poor guy going to *see*? Why don’t you auction off Stephen Hawking’s *wheelchair* while you’re at it?

Oh man, it’s an embarrassment of riches, though: I mean, [The Rocketeer’s helmet]( [Kirk’s phaser]( A Tusken Raider costume from…*Attack of the Clones*? Ew. *Lame*.

Unfortunately, I suspect I’ll be missing the event, as I’ll be busy helping [some *jackass*]( unload his moving van. But if anybody is looking for something to commemorate a certain blog’s upcoming [fifth anniversary]( (hiatuses not included), well, I’m just *sayin’*.

i work with the company that actually made the hover boards for the movie and we just did some for the 25th anniversary event we had her in LA. I can show pics of the board, but i managed a backside tailslide over the DeLoreon) at the manufacturing facility or a video of one of the actual actors from the movie giving me hover board lessons (which is actually quite hard to do). I think we could manufacture some for a lot less than $30,000 but there would have to be enough demand, not 3 or 4. lemme know!