Short Television Review: The Middleman

I started watching *The Middleman* when it began airing for two major reasons: 1) it’s based on a comic book and 2) said comic book is written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach, who was also a writer on a little show called *Lost*. *The Middleman* bears a superficial resemblance to *Men in Black* (and—*gasp*!—a novel I was working on last year): young aspiring artist Wendy Watson is recruited by a mysterious guy known only as—you guessed it—the Middleman to help fight off aliens, zombies, and evil masterminds bent on taking over the earth. Possibly using gun-toting gorillas. While it might seem like strange fare for a “family” channel, what with references to sex and frequent bleeped-out swears for comic effect, the show maintains a wacky fun vibe chiefly because of its enthusiastic leads: Matt Keeslar as the all-American Navy SEAL turned planetary hero and the charming Natalie Morales (whom I failed to resist as my new TV crush) as the sarcastic and plucky Wendy. The plots are often silly (the last episode featured aliens masquerading as a boy band), but enjoyable, and the writing is at times sharp enough that it might slide right past you without your noticing. Having read that the show’s ratings are [not performing as well as they *should* be]( gives me even more reason to mention it to anyone looking for a fun summertime TV show.

*Bonus: [two]( of my [favorite]( PSA promos for the show.*

I second Dan’s recommendation, it is wacky and strange, and probably just a little to wacky to last very long on the ABC Family channel.

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