Short Television Review: Generation Kill

Generation Kill is the new HBO mini-series brought to you by David Simon and Ed Burns, creator of The Wire. Based on a book by Evan Right, this series follows a company of reconnaissance marines taking part in the invasion of Iraq.

I’ve seen the first three episodes and it is interesting so far but it is hard not to compare it to the Wire. The construction of the show has a lot of similarities to the Wire; you are presented with a large cast of characters that can be tricky to distinguish at first, the dialogue is laden heavy with jargon and slang and devoid of any exposition, and scenes are scattered with dark humor and critical perspectives on large institutions (such as the Army, Marine Corp, US. Government.) Later season of the Wire went all out with having ensemble casts, and though Generation Kill has pulled back on that a bit to a set of core characters, it still seems to want cover a lot of people in only a few hours which so far looks like we won’t get to go much in depth with any of the characters. I’m still hungry for a replacement to Wire and though this won’t fill that need completely it is definitely worth checking out. Generation Kill also happens to be one of the few shows I’m following this summer, the others being The Middleman and AMC’s Mad Men which just started this week.