Short Movie Review: The Prestige

A magic trick of a movie, directed by Christopher Nolan, [batmaniac]( and scripted along with his brother and frequent collaborator Jonathan. Able turns by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as rival 19th century magicians, but the most captivating performance, to my mind, is that of real life inventor Nikola Tesla, here played by real life rock star David Bowie. I read Christopher Priest’s novel, on which the movie is based, before the movie’s release in 2006 and while the movie differs in some plot points, it is all in all a *tighter* and certainly more cinematic story that the brothers Nolan present. As per their usual tactics, they revel in layering the narrative here (one character reading the diary of another character reading the first character’s diary), but the end result has the same polish and spectacle as either of his *Batman* outings. It strikes me as a *louder*, more boisterous version of [the other 19th century magician movie](, but I still enjoyed it, even though, having read the book, I knew what the plot twists were. To me, that’s the mark of both a good magic trick *and* a good film: in both cases, you still anticipate the reveal even if you know what the end result will be.

[…] As we here at Doombot have long celebrated Day of the Tesla, we thought you, the readers, might enjoy partaking in some of the more time-honored festivities of this highest of holidays. As always, we perform the ceremony of failing to electrocute an elephant with alternating current (we use symbolic plush toy elephants, of course—this is no diabolical, hedonistic Edisonstravaganza), followed by the traditional viewing of Tesla biopic The Prestige. […]