Face Your Destiny

It is hard to get precise matches for some features in the manga face generator everybody on Twitter seems so excited about. Hair is troublesome, and the female presets seem glitchy, with items missing. Nevertheless, my girlfriend seems confident that this image accurately represents the vastness of my nose (and the little lines around it).

The weird thing about this image is that I really don’t think of you as having a beard…not as a default anyway. So my reaction is, that doesn’t look at all like Jason when he was a freshman in college.

Freshman in college, huh? I think I can whip that up…

Dan poked me about this yesterday so apparently it is required to maintain my seat on the Doombot board of directors….


Tony as freshman in college (just for the good Mr. Collins)

Tony, I gotta ask: did you used to shave your eyebrows?

I guess it’s my turn. Tony made one for me at some point last night, but this is the one I made for myself:


Now we just need Kai…

I appreciate your efforts to keep me in the year 1998-1999, my wife and therapist really don’t think I’m ready for the 2000s yet. :) Someday, I’ll think of Jason w/ a lumberjack, er serious academic beard.

By the way, Jason, do you remember Stephanie Forryan? She’s currently trying to become a singer in Germany, but apparently she is also working as a cartoon voice actor for a company in Belgium. Weird UMass person update over.

I do remember her. I might have voted her “most likely to sing in German” or “most likely to do cartoon voices,” but I am amazed she has been swinging both to some extent. Also, I feel mildly guilty that when you google her, now the blog of some dude she probably doesn’t remember will come up.

Also, here’s Kai. He’s actually more chill than my artistic rendition(s) of him, but his hyperactive side comes out in cartooning.

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I’ll accept any of the blame, and when she becomes the next Madonna and/or Mel Blanc, you’ll be maintaining Doombot’s cutting edge, hardcore status.