Short Movie Review: Quantum of Solace (Jason version)

I suspect I’m not the only one here who wants to say something about this movie, so I’ll qualify my post in the title.

Decent movie, good music, great opening credit sequence (by MK12, creators of the excellent Man of Action). As my brilliant girlfriend points out, it’s such a direct sequel that it probably should’ve been called Casino Royale 2: Bolivia or Bust! It lacked the slow drama and high-society allure that its predecessor offered with the poker tournament (opting instead for a brief, tuxedo-clad shootout during an opera), but it still felt enough like a Bond movie to me thanks to the womanizing and intelligence-gathering and such. And, in a way, it’s nice to see the occasional Bourne Identity-style fight scene that doesn’t end with the protagonist getting all angsty about killing bad guys.