Short Movie Review: Max Payne

Seriously? I can’t help but compare this to The Spirit: over the top hero speeches, rain drenched alleys, color palette zaniness, and of course ultra-violence. The difference is that as stupid as The Spirit was, at least it was ridiculous and occasionally amusing, Max Payne is just an awful, awful move… and this is coming from someone who enjoyed Death Race… 

P.S. If you are an evil corporation secretly controlling the city through hot new designer drugs, don’t have all your thugs and drug dealers tattooed with the corporate branding. (Though it took Max Payne about 30 minutes to notice it after I did.)

Well said, sir, well said.

But Tony…the corporation’s branding iniative was very important to the board. Also, the thugs/drug dealers really buy into their identity as workers once they’ve been tattooed.

[…] sounds like a mishmash Italian/Russian generic mobster. My experience  here was similar to the Max Payne movie: some interest in the source material led me to what would end up being an unsatisfying movie […]