Doomcast: Canine Haberdashery

In this, the second in a series of podcasts, our heroes take on the following pressing topics of the day, to wit:

  • creatures cryptozoological
  • matters arboreal
  • insect identification, and pamphlets related unto
  • film adaptions of literary classics
  • the aforementioned canine haberdashery (for which we recommend these key informational resources)

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [19m 05s]

I would have gone with “That’s Gnat a Gnat”, but that’s just the way I roll.

Dan would you provide an exemption re: your dog hat/clothes rules for a remake of the TV show Wishbone?

Wait, Wishbone’s not a person?

No, wishbone’s a person, his owner, the kid Joe, he was the dog. :)

I was watching an episode of 30Rock (season 1, ep. 9), and Frank’s hat says “Rods” Since I had never heard of rods before this podcast, I just wanted to share. Thank you, Dan, for teaching us a little something.

I don’t know if it will open, but i took a screen shot as proof (i’m glad the Rods did not come out blurry…sorry for that joke)