Daily Doom 3/2/2009

Dan and I are resurrecting an old feature of this site, The Daily Doom, in which we share with you stories of doom, weirdness, and general strangeness from all corners of the Internet. 

Of course, by “daily” we mean the lesser-used secondary definition of “weekly.”

Animal Kingdom:

Partisan Politics:

  • Vice President Biden, appearing on a talk show to promote the stimulus bill, blanks on the name of the website and asks an aide for the website “number.” Biden later attempted to repair his gaffe by appearing in the White House press room to say “, bitches!”
  • Recently elected RNC Chairman Michael Steel says the party needs a hip-hop make over, and promises a public relations campaign that will be “off the hook.”I don’t think we can add anything to that.
  • Obama vs Optimus Prime (important: not real!) – Who will wrest control of the Matrix of Leadership?

Fictional Space Issues:

Bonus Doom: