Doomcast: Pants on Fire

Episode three of our continuing podcast adventures sees Tony and Dan consider a number of important issues:

  • aliases, noms de guerre, and the legend of Biff
  • matters mendacious
  • reader feedback
  • cryptozoology revisited

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [18m 50s]

One of David Lettersman’s reoccurring characters (a coworker who is sent out on assignment) is named Biff Henderson. Just FYI.

Based on the parable bit, I love the idea that Tony might have read like, Cinderella, and read it as a challenge to stay out too late and not end up in rags or something.

I think the mystery sound was tic tacs, but I’m not as smart as Tony so I offer no sort of guarantee.

  1. Biffs

  2. I’m pretty sure one of Tony’s lies in this episode was about going to Papa Ginos; Tony has never been to Papa Ginos

  3. You guys should have a video only Doomcast. No audio, just you guys sitting in front of the camera.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard that story about you fronting as me in Papa Gino’s… I’ll have to get further details at some point

In other news, while listening to your podcast, due to the vagaries of iTunes and the randomizer function, directly after you guys ended your episode, the music transitioned to Duran Duran signing A View to a Kill, one of the James Bond opening themes. It seemed oddly appropriate.

Warning extraordinarily inside joke coming (which I’m betting maybe Jacob and Jason might find funny):

If you guys follow Jacob’s advice as listed in #3, Jacob and I will do a creator’s commentary on the doombot videocast.

End very inside joke.

Holy crap, was that Penny Dreadful joke?

You betcha it was. I debated an awful lot before hitting “Say It!” Of course it helps that I re-read Penny Dreadful once a week (not really true–sort of)

Does Jacob get to bring back the mouse too?

I don’t really want to speak for Jacob or, you know, for the mouse.

Hmm, I still have all the original scans of all the original artwork. The mouse, everything. Nothing dies in the age of information!

Now that I have actually listened to this podcast, I have two things to say.

1) About that time we put in our name as Biff:

It is as Dan told it, although I will remind you that there WAS a guy who got all pissed at us that we got seated before him. We had put in our (fake) name, wandered around nearby stores for a few minutes, and then returned just in time to be seated earlier than expected, so this guy thought we were just walking in off the street and getting the instant Biff upgrade. He seemed pretty pissed. Mind you, this was at a Friendly’s, which may indicate something about the type of establishment where the Biff upgrade is likely to be effective.

2) About that unnamed friend who indicated that he would enjoy Dan and Tony in edited form:

Hey, don’t get all in a huff. I started that comment by mentioning that I like both of you to begin with. It’s just that being edited can improve any of us, like having our limbs selectively replaced with bionic parts.