DailyDoom 3/23/09

Once again we plumb the depths of the internet to bring you your weekly helping of DOOM:


Financial Meltdown


  • A Finnish computer programer has missing finger replaced with a USB drive. I want to use the term “thumb drive” to explain what the device does, but it kind of muddles the whole point I’m trying to clarify, doesn’t it?
  • Scientists have developed a laser gun that destroys mosquitos by locking on to the unique audio frequency of mosquitos in flight, and then shoots their wings off. Given that the scientists already call this a “weapon of mosquito destruction” (WMD), and the design team included a scientist who worked on the cold war era Star Wars project, all avenues of snark appear to have been explored. 

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* Instead, we will make it here: IT’S A TRAP!

I’d actually heard about the cows a year ago from the same group. They actually performed this research via Google Maps satellite imagery. Here’s a link (to a reliable science blog, can’t find a news article).

Also, most farm cows actually are made to swallow reasonably large magnets to help collect particles that they randomly eat during their foraging. I have a few of these magnets in my lab, they’re around 5cm1.5cm1.5cm (2″x0.5″x0.5″ for non-scientists), covered with bright orange plastic so they’re not sharp, and they’re neodymium or something equally strong. The purpose of having cows swallow these is so that if they swallow sharp metal it won’t puncture their stomachs. So it’s no wonder cows align with magnetic fields.