Doomcast: Play the Dungeon Master

The fourth episode of the Doomcast covers a variety of topics that may have slipped through the cracks of so-called professional news organizations:

  • Dungeons (and Dragons)
  • matters prestidigital
  • high-end book retrieval
  • words, and the people who love them

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I’m intrigued by your book return scheme. Would you be willing to enter into some sort of profit sharing arrangement?

We are very interested in having a share of your profits.

We are running a booksale this week, so we may briefly have one to share.

Jeremy, before you make any deal with TonyDan Co (or is it Danony Inc?), I’d advise you to take a really close look at their balance sheet.

Just, you know, it’s hard times for libraries these days and I don’t want a massive failure of Morindelar Industries to bring yours down.

I’ll have you know that everything at DoomCo is fine. Why else would we just have given ourselves $160 million dollar bonuses?

I figured the bonuses were just a way to funnel the money you had just received from AIG as a counter-party in a CDS based on whether or not Jeremy’s library decides to do business with you or not.

Well we are already doing business with AIG (stupid retirement-free retirement plan) so I think we are predisposed to conducting business with such enterprises. DoomCo. may even be a step up.

Well…yes, by all means, transfer your accounts from AIG to DoomCo. that’s a good move. If nothing else, you can live w/ tony and/or Dan once they’ve spent their your retirement money Ponzi style on capes and portable, street-playable D and D devices.