Putting a Name with a Face: Mark Sheppard

For some reason, my brain’s always been wired pretty well for recognizing faces, and given I watch as much TV as I do, I frequently see familiar faces show up in guest star roles—especially when they then appear the next week on a *different* show. So as a public service, I’m thinking of providing this semi-regular feature where I tell you where the hell you’ve seen that guy (or gal) before.

marksheppard.jpgToday’s candidate? __Mark Sheppard__. I’m guessing many of you will know Sheppard from his recurring role on *Battlestar Galactica*, but I swear to God, every time I tune into a show it seems like he turns up eventually. Here are a couple of other places you might have seen the prolific 44 year-old London-born actor (that’s right, ladies: the accent is *real*), who usually plays villains and characters of questionable morality.

* On *Battlestar Galactica*, Sheppard plays Romo Lampkin, the lawyer who defends Baltar in his trial at the end of season 3, and turns up in a couple of later incidents (including ascending to auspicious post in the series finale).
* You also may have seen him pop up recently on *Dollhouse*, where he plays FBI Special Agent Tanaka, rival to fellow *BSG* alum Tahmoh Penikett.
* On TNT’s *Leverage*, Sheppard played the recurring role of antagonist Jim Sterling, who had taken over the former job of Timothy Hutton’s Nate Ford. And, in the last two episodes, Sterling’s chief henchman is played by [Alex Carter](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0141450/)….
* …who also played opposite Sheppard in an episode of *Burn Notice*. Sheppard played a bank robber; Carter reprised his role as federal agent Jason Bly.
* Over last summer, Sheppard also showed up in my favorite show of the year, [*The Middleman*](http://doombot.com/2008/07/22/short-television-review-the-middleman/), with a two-episode stint as mogul Manservant Neville.
* In 2007, he played the mysterious inventor Anthony Andros in the short-lived revival of *Bionic Woman*, although he only appeared in two aired episodes.
* And most of you probably first saw Sheppard in his memorable two-episode stint on Joss Whedon’s cult-classic *Firefly*, where he played Mal’s underworld contact with the very fine hat, Badger.

Of course, Sheppard’s got [an extensive filmography](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0791968/) dating back to 1992 with additional roles on *Star Trek: Voyager*, *Charmed*, and *24*, so the chances that you’ve seen him somewhere else are damn good.

Mark was great as Dr. Charles “The Butcher” Walker in his recurring role on “Medium”. I highly advice you catch those episodes if you can. His episode of “The Practice” was priceless. I’m a huge fan of Mark’s and I keep track of his TV appearances, etc. on a facebook group titled “Mark Sheppard Fans”. Up there now are links to videos of several of his TV appearances.