Putting a Name with a Face: Patrick Fischler

patrickfischler.jpgThis installment of Putting a Name with a Face comes to you at the behest of fellow Doombot contributor Tony. **Patrick Fischler** is another one of those guys who seems to pop up in every show I watch—last summer I saw him on three separate series within the space of a couple weeks. The distinctive-looking Fischler, 39, started [his Hollywood career](http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0279209/) in 1993—his second role was as a guard in an episode of *The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.*—but here’s a few other places you might have noticed him lately.

* Most recently, Fischler has donned a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit to appear in several episodes of *Lost*’s penultimate season as Initiative member Phil, who Sawyer—in typical Sawyer fashion—describes as a dimwit.
* Last year, he also appeared in one episode of the dearly departed *Pushing Daisies* as the The Waffle Nazi. “I do not speak a vord of German. I speak English *mit* a German accent.”
* Over the past summer, Fischler appeared on the second season of the acclaimed *Mad Men* in one of his most prominent roles, that of the somewhat creepy, somewhat pitiable comedian Jimmy Barrett.
* Fischler also played a character named Jimmy in the second season premiere of *Burn Notice*, where he, like protagonist Michael Westen, found himself on the wrong side of the mysterious conspiracy.
* Around the same time, Fischler appeared in an episode of *The Middleman*, playing an alien doctor (which, along with *Burn Notice*, makes two series he shares with last week’s subject, [Mark Sheppard](http://doombot.com/2009/03/25/putting-a-name-with-a-face-mark-sheppard/)).
* In a season three episode of crime-drama *Bones*, Fischler played a character whose high school friend showed up dead inside a recently unearthed time capsule.
* Fischler also appeared in the third-season episode of cult-classic *Veronica Mars* that wins my award for the series’s best episode title, “Weevils Wobble But They Don’t Go Down.”
* And a few old-timers might recognize Fischler from his recurring role on the late ’90s Don Johnson vehicle *Nash Bridges*, where he played Pepe, the secretary at Nash and Joe’s detective agency.

Fischler’s also appeared in several feature films, including *The Shadow*, *Speed*, *Twister*, *Mulholland Dr.*, and *Ghost World*, as well as episodes of *The West Wing*, *Angel*, and *Star Trek: Enterprise*, and the both the unaired and aired pilot episodes of the short-lived Nathan Fillion series *Drive*.