Doomcast: N-1

Step right up, step right up and experience the fifth episode of our continuing experiment in the magical art of sound broadcast right over these very here Internets. You’ll witness amazing, death-defying conversations concerning such wonders of the world as:

  • hybrid foods
  • games of shame
  • Rest in Peace, John Moschitta, Jr.*
  • matters robotic

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [17m 30s]

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* Not actually dead.

I can’t wait for next doomcast, with Tony, Dan and Eddie the Talking Echidna!

Personally, I hope I’ll be able to spread Marmalade on my beef/pancake sandwich (would that be a beefcake or a sandbeefwich)

As for the song game…here’s my pitch. You choose bloggers from the internet, and allow their opponents to read the blogs (ie, getting an idea of what music might be most devestating for them). Then each person creates a three minute mixtape of music they think will destroy the other guy/gal. Then, there’s a waging round where you bet on how much you have to sing of the mixtape (ie, I can sing 30 seconds of it, I challenge you to sing 45 seconds). Then they sing and try to get through whatever the bet. If neither one does manages to complete the bet, they both lose, if they both do, they repeat, perhaps with more difficulty added. The final round requires that the vanquished foe and the winner do a duet together whereby the winner has to make the loser sound good. Extra points to anyone who uses a Infant Sorrow song.