Killing is the Other Half of the Battle

GI Joe Resolute is a (not-for-kids) resurrection of the old toy/cartoon franchise at Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, penned by cantankerous comics writer Warren Ellis. Cory Doctorow describes it on Boing Boing as “reimagining the infra-dumb 80s toy-sales vehicle as a serious war comic.” I think calling it “serious” is kind of a bit much—it’s more violent, but at the end of the day, what I’ve watched so far is still a subtext-free action story about ninjas and army men.

I find it somewhat amusing that these are being written by the same fellow who once ranted to comics fans, “No-one’s listening to you. Because whenever anyone asks you what you think, you ask them to bring the fucking Micronauts back.” (Though, to be fair, he also acknowledged in the same piece, “I am part of the problem. Fuck you.”)

I can’t help but wonder, though, whether this is a sort of subtle revenge against nostalgic fans. What better way to tug at nerds’ heartstrings than by murdering their beloved childhood icons? For the ultimate poke in the eye, I’m hoping they get the writers of The Wire to revive the old C.O.P.S. cartoon. Come on, guys—crime’s a-wastin’.

So I know you aren’t much up on comics, but I wanted to share this blog about the killing off of some characters from the SuperFriends show? In a comic. It’s just another example of the idea of the revenge against nostalgic fans:

Cheers! (which I will be remaking as a serious drama where the semi-friendly alochols at the Boston Beer deal with Liver Disease and their own loneliness…)


If you mention C.O.P.S., you really need a link to their awesome theme song.

I thought Resolute was awesome, at first. After some reflection I’m not so sure. It’s basically the same plot line as EVERY EPISODE of G.I. Joe. All they did was cross it with cooler animation and a “24” style of remorseless killing in the name of freedom (or evil… both sides displayed a lot of apathy around death).

But Jordan, had Resolute been about, I don’t know, Snake Eyes deciding to open a burger stand in Hollywood…it would have been hard to consider it GI Joe, yes? Like you said, every episode of GI Joe was the same…that’s what they were going to be on offer, you know?

I’m not sure that taking every episode’s plot and making it more violent/adult necessarily makes it awesome, whether or not it is to be expected that they would do that.