Doomcast: Brought To You By

It may be long overdo, but the sixth episode of our podcast-to-end-all-podcasts is now ready for your listening consumption. Note that we do not recommend consuming this podcast orally, as the ingredients contained in this episode *could* be harmful to your health, including:

  • cake
  • parodies, and the 13 year-old losers who make them
  • matters financial and fiduciary
  • correctional facilities: separating fact from fiction
  • Do-It-Yourself apocalypse-proofing

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [18m 37s]

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Hey Dan, Eyes DVD for you posting your Rook Parody. :)

You may want to update your Rook character to reflect Bishop’s new villain role in the X-Men.

I’ll go hang my head in shame now for bringing that up.

But you read x-men to keep up with the kids at the library right?

ummm…..yeah sure, that’s it exactly.