Doomcast: TMYK

Podcast adventure number seven may be short, but it’s sweet, like the finest fruits of a mystical far off-land, tasting of summer and first love. Allow us to take you back to those innocent days, with our discussion of topics such as:

  • alternative payment plan or money-making scheme: you decide!
  • matters of awareness, campaign-style
  • cryptozoological creatures and other animals of Australia
  • Special Bonus: Nikola Tesla jokes

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [16m 38s]

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So we aren’t able to get the Tesla jokes?

I’m afraid the Tesla jokes will only be available in the paid, premium versions. Just $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

I am very disappointed in the removal of the Tesla jokes. I think that to make up for it in your next podcast you should tell and then remove Edison jokes since they were enemies(at least in Edison’s view.)

I have to go find some other free geek free thought podcast to listen to now.

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