Daily Doom 7/14/2009

After a lengthy break, we return you to your regularly schedule Doom, already in progress:

Ectothermic Aquatic Vertebrates and the Troubles They Cause

Samurai Swords!

Zoo News

Legal Eagles

I, for one, would love to see the butchers shop right next to Pike Place fishmongers toss an entire beef carcass over the counter at a customer the way the fishmongers to the cod.

Also, why do PETA always bring kittens into it. NO ONE is suggesting we farm and eat kittens… not after looking at a cash-flow projection, anyway.

That’s one of PETA’s big issues, they hate how we treat different animals differently. Their argument here is that we DON’T eat kittens and throw their carcasses around, so why do we do it with fish?

Of course PETA has it’s own issues (http://www.petakillsanimals.com) and stupid arguments like this definitely don’t help their cause.