Doomcast: Season Two Premiere

After the lackluster ratings of our first season (despite the thrilling cliffhanger season finale), it’s understandable that the network was touch-and-go about greenlighting an entire second season. In order to get the go-ahead, Tony had to agree to some…unorthodox changes to our format—changes that required him to take the editing reins, a task he undertook with aplomb and verve. And so we’ve returned from hiatus refreshed and ready to discuss the pressing topics of the fall season, to wit:

  • matters administrative
  • youthful indiscretions
  • the dangers of vagrancy
  • falsification for fun and profit

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [17m 39s]

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When I was a cashier, I cared very little about how many items customers brought into the 12 or less aisle. The system is self-enforcing because people (like you) are scared to break the rules. There’s definitely an element of peer pressure here, too.

But want me to really blow your mind? The grocery chains would never admit to this, but those discount cards are ALL THE SAME. Try scanning your Shaw’s card next time you go to Stop and Shop. You’ll see.

And don’t get me started on grocery store recycling programs. Let’s just say they have even less credibility than Tony.