The Year in Numbers

Or, a random assortment of things that I can quantify, though perhaps not 100% accurately.

12 Number of flights taken
411 Number of bylined Macworld articles I wrote
32 Number of [books I read](
3 Number of books I read that were graphic novels
45 Number of movies I watched
37 Number of *new* movies I watched
2 Number of Dungeons & Dragons adventures completed as DM
5 Number of Xbox 360 games purchased
4 Number of above games completed (for reasonable definitions of completed)
50,574 Number of words written [for NaNoWriMo](
84,508 Number of words written in non-NaNoWriMo novel
1,089 Number of [photos taken]( (not including iPhone)
1 Number of [spoof movies]( produced
10 Number of [Doomcast]( episodes released
2:55:17 Length of total Doomcast episodes

What three graphic novels?

Let’s see…latest Buffy: Season 8 volume, latest Scott Pilgrim volume, and the Neil Gaiman-penned Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

Does that meet with your approval, Mr. Collins? DOES IT?

Sure, it meets with my approval, for what it is worth…I was actually curious if you had read the 13 ep of Middle Man Graphic Novel or not…it seems the answer is NOT :(

Also, my lovely wife wants to suggest you go order Lick It Man. Part of that is because we’re waiting for our copy it.

I have in fact read it NOW, but did not last year.

Wow,that was awesome service with a smile, now I just need to ask for a new doomcast :)