Short Game Review: Kane & Lynch 2

You know, this game actually made me appreciate the first Kane & Lynch even more. Unfortunately, that’s because it was so unimpressive in comparison. At least its predecessor had some fascinating things going on with messing with player perception and narratively purposeful forced-failure. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, on the other hand, is a fairly straightforward four-hour campaign without much going on beyond shooting lots of Chinese guys. To the game’s credit, the “set design,” “cinematography,” and sound design are pretty excellent, but it’s a shame they had to ruin the believably movie-like setting with some of the worst modeled and animated characters of this generation of gaming. And while the “Fragile Alliance” multiplayer is just as interesting and twitchiness-inducing as ever, the matchmaking system makes Gears of War 2‘s hellish lobbies look practically elegant.

Overall, I’d say I got my twenty bucks’ worth, and I would be happy to play with friends online if we can figure out a way to actually get into the same party—what can I say, I like to pretend to shoot guys in pretty environments—but I can’t recommend paying much more than you’d pay to see a movie.