Short Game Review: Bayonetta

I explained this game to my girlfriend as “I’m a witch with amnesia who likes killing angels,” and that probably pretty well sums it up. It sounds good, but probably I’m not the target audience for this game. I resisted buying it for a long time on principle because of the over-the-top display of T&A, but I heard so much about the gameplay being awesome (and some women actually finding the protagonist empowering) that I picked up a copy on sale. In the end, though, I just found it to be a harder version of Devil May Cry, with a a convoluted and bizarre anime-style plot that gives Neon Genesis Evangelion a run for its money. The other thing that gives Evangelion a run for its money, though, is the art direction: the angels look horrifically awesome, and the environments (which sometimes include enemies so big you must run upon them) are as grand and spectacular as anything out of the God of War series.

Finally, if this short review is using too many references to other games and movies to make sense to you, consider that a friendly litmus test: Bayonetta is full of references and inside jokes for nerds, right down to a last-minute cosplay gag. This is a game for gamers, geeks, and fans. I feel a little sheepish I didn’t like it more.