Daily Doom 7/14/2009

After a lengthy break, we return you to your regularly schedule Doom, already in progress:

Ectothermic Aquatic Vertebrates and the Troubles They Cause

Samurai Swords!

Zoo News

Legal Eagles

Tony tells you things of questionable accuracy in Arizona

A while back I made this video about my trip to Philadelphia. Folks seemed to enjoy it so I figured I would make another at some point. During the spring I ventured to Phoenix Arizona and shot an assortment of video on my Flip camera. Last night I finally had the chance to piece some of it together, resulting in this video. I hope you enjoy it.

Daily Doom 6/1/2009

The arrival of June brings with it another dose of Doom:

Animal Kingdom

Weekly Tips: Preparing for The Apocalypse

Internet Happenings

  • Wikipedia bans the Church of Scientology. In a high level meeting attended by only the top dungeon masters in the world, Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee—or ArbCom—voted to ban Church of Scientology members from editing Wikipedia. Now without an Internet home, Tom Cruise is left to personally—personally—wander IRC channels spreading the good word.  

Comic Bookery

  • Marvel Comics hopes to appeal to young girls, not part of their traditional fan base, with a new series of comics in which the main character are models who solve crime!  The covers of the issues will be modeled after the covers of fashion magazines and generally serve to alienate the few female readers Marvel already has. Editor-in-chief Joe Quesada promises that no matter what, Marvel will not resort to hiring an actual female employee in its attempts to understand the demographic. 

Daily Doom 5/26/2009

A day late and a dollar short, it’s your weekly installment of doom: 


Man vs. Machine

Zombie News

Who will speak for the Children?

YouTube Video of the Week:

Daily Doom 5/18/09

After a brief hiatus, we bring you a much needed helping of doom:

Robotic Revolution

Who Exactly is Fighting the Terrorists? 

The Internet: Your Friend and Mine

Crime and sometimes Punishment

Daily Doom 4/20/09

Just in time for Patriot’s Day, some more DOOM.

Political Intrigue

Crime and Punishment

Design and Type

Stellar Conflict

Military Hardware

Daily Doom 4/14/09

Somewhat late, but still packed with despair and misery: your daily doom.

 Don’t Mess with Large Animals

Rap Battlin’

Air Travel

The Oldest Professions

Daily Doom 4/5/09

DOOM! You know, for kids.

April Foolery

Recession News

Stupid Things You Can Buy

Video Gamery

Daily Recommended Steampunk Image

Daily Doom 3/30/09

We traveled to the furthest aisles of the internet-supermarket to bring you this, your daily recommended allowance of DOOM:  

Animal Kingdom

Institutional Trickery


YouTube Video of the Week

DailyDoom 3/23/09

Once again we plumb the depths of the internet to bring you your weekly helping of DOOM:


Financial Meltdown


  • A Finnish computer programer has missing finger replaced with a USB drive. I want to use the term “thumb drive” to explain what the device does, but it kind of muddles the whole point I’m trying to clarify, doesn’t it?
  • Scientists have developed a laser gun that destroys mosquitos by locking on to the unique audio frequency of mosquitos in flight, and then shoots their wings off. Given that the scientists already call this a “weapon of mosquito destruction” (WMD), and the design team included a scientist who worked on the cold war era Star Wars project, all avenues of snark appear to have been explored. 

Animal Kingdom

Spy Games

SciFi Fandom

YouTube video of The Week

* Instead, we will make it here: IT’S A TRAP!