Short Cake Review: Chocolate Guinness Cake

This was the first cake I ever made from scratch. As a novice cake maker creating my own frosting and using parchment paper were both new experiences for me. Other novice cake makers may be as excited as I was to use a recipe that call for Guinness, you may also wish to note that the recipe calls for an amount that does not divide equally into the amount per bottle so you will have to drink some Guinness. The cake was for coworkers at work and was well positively received though there were mixed opinions on how strong the Guinness flavor was. Worth noting that this uses a lot of chocolate and results in a very large cake, I may try doing it half size next time round.

I am unclear whether this heralds in a new era of cake reviews for Doombot, we will see.

Recipe and links to photos behind the cut.

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