Doomcast: Season Two Premiere

After the lackluster ratings of our first season (despite the thrilling cliffhanger season finale), it’s understandable that the network was touch-and-go about greenlighting an entire second season. In order to get the go-ahead, Tony had to agree to some…unorthodox changes to our format—changes that required him to take the editing reins, a task he undertook with aplomb and verve. And so we’ve returned from hiatus refreshed and ready to discuss the pressing topics of the fall season, to wit:

  • matters administrative
  • youthful indiscretions
  • the dangers of vagrancy
  • falsification for fun and profit

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [17m 39s]

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Doomcast: Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You

Spin that noisemaker; blow that party horn! We hereby celebrate the tenth episode of the Doomcast, proving once again that persistence is the better part of valor—or, at least, ignoring people’s repeated pleas to stop assaulting their eardrums. As we party down, we invite a special guest to join our tin anniversary and discuss such important concerns as:

  • the terror of the skies
  • Podcasters Against Dinosaur Driving (PADD)
  • matters reminiscent
  • at the intersection of science and evil

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [19m 59s]

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Doomcast: The Scrimshaw Meme

With the end of June comes the height of summer, and with the height of summer comes podcast adventure nine, a meandering tale of glory, villainy, the epic fight between good and evil, and the downfall of modern society, vis-a-vis the Internet. Join us in our mental perambulations as we consider:

  • ye olde podcastinge
  • Mad Mel Beyond Northampton
  • Law of the Boy Scouts
  • matters scientifically humorous

And for you lucky blog-post readers, enjoy your special bonus content, a pair of outtakes from this episode.

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [17m 16s]

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Doomcast: Honesty is the Best-Selling Policy

It’s not that podcast adventure eight couldn’t have been longer: it’s merely that we didn’t want to tarnish what we had with any extraneous information. This is concentrated podcasting at its finest, condensed from unadulterated rays of sunshine into the purest audio gold.

  • cards, and the greetings that adorn them
  • matters of salutatory placards
  • a full discussion of the socio-economic impact of capitalism in today’s uncertain financial markets, with particular regard to the writings of Smith, Marx, and Keynes CANCELLED
  • Bonus Content: more on greeting cards

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [11m 28s]

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Doomcast: TMYK

Podcast adventure number seven may be short, but it’s sweet, like the finest fruits of a mystical far off-land, tasting of summer and first love. Allow us to take you back to those innocent days, with our discussion of topics such as:

  • alternative payment plan or money-making scheme: you decide!
  • matters of awareness, campaign-style
  • cryptozoological creatures and other animals of Australia
  • Special Bonus: Nikola Tesla jokes

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [16m 38s]

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Doomcast: Brought To You By

It may be long overdo, but the sixth episode of our podcast-to-end-all-podcasts is now ready for your listening consumption. Note that we do not recommend consuming this podcast orally, as the ingredients contained in this episode *could* be harmful to your health, including:

  • cake
  • parodies, and the 13 year-old losers who make them
  • matters financial and fiduciary
  • correctional facilities: separating fact from fiction
  • Do-It-Yourself apocalypse-proofing

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [18m 37s]

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Doomcast: N-1

Step right up, step right up and experience the fifth episode of our continuing experiment in the magical art of sound broadcast right over these very here Internets. You’ll witness amazing, death-defying conversations concerning such wonders of the world as:

  • hybrid foods
  • games of shame
  • Rest in Peace, John Moschitta, Jr.*
  • matters robotic

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [17m 30s]

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* Not actually dead.

Doomcast: Play the Dungeon Master

The fourth episode of the Doomcast covers a variety of topics that may have slipped through the cracks of so-called professional news organizations:

  • Dungeons (and Dragons)
  • matters prestidigital
  • high-end book retrieval
  • words, and the people who love them

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [18m 15s]

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Doomcast: Pants on Fire

Episode three of our continuing podcast adventures sees Tony and Dan consider a number of important issues:

  • aliases, noms de guerre, and the legend of Biff
  • matters mendacious
  • reader feedback
  • cryptozoology revisited

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [18m 50s]

Doomcast: Canine Haberdashery

In this, the second in a series of podcasts, our heroes take on the following pressing topics of the day, to wit:

  • creatures cryptozoological
  • matters arboreal
  • insect identification, and pamphlets related unto
  • film adaptions of literary classics
  • the aforementioned canine haberdashery (for which we recommend these key informational resources)

Download, for your listening enjoyment. [19m 05s]