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Nerds somewhere in an MIT basement (2018)
Final state of the 2017 Duck Konundrum with a Love Duck.
A non-zero number of nerds
Why is Jane wearing a mushroom hat? Only Evan knows.

The MIT Mystery Hunt is a weekend-long puzzle-solving competition run out of MIT in mid-January. Teams compete to solve puzzles, meta-puzzles, and occasionally meta-meta-puzzles. Our team, Grand Unified Theory of Love, is relatively small and focused on having fun solving puzzles for an entire weekend rather than the competition side of things.

Official MIT Mystery Hunt homepage

The Mystery Hunt is always the weekend of Martin Luther King Day. The Mystery Hunt for 2018 starts at noon, Friday, January 12. The event will kick off with an event in Kresge auditorium.

What Do I need to Get Started?

Returning Members

Checklist for Returning Members

New Members

  1. If you wish to join the team, send an email to team captain Tony at with your full name and preferred email indicated.
  2. If there is sufficient space, Tony will assign you a wiki account.
  3. Join our mailing list: go to the Google Group page and follow directions. Please provide your full name (not a nickname, screen name, etc.)
  4. You'll receive a welcome email from this year's greeter with some suggestions on getting started on the wiki and elsewhere.
  5. New members pay $10 dues at the start of the Hunt
  6. Check the New Members Start Here page for what to do next.  :)

Useful pages

Please explore the following pages.

Old Stuff

Shirt Designs - Post your ideas and give input on current ideas here.

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Team History