Search Terms Are Totally Awesome

I tried installing Google Analytics on Doombot’s front page so we could get a sense of who’s actually reading the site. I’ll be honest: I probably failed. Our hosting company provides software to keep track of page requests, but it doesn’t really track unique visitors, and the page requests are really dominated by spam bots. I will say, however, that it is totally awesome to see which search terms bring people here:

Listing the top 20 queries by the number of requests, sorted by the number of requests.

#reqs search term
21 doombot
9 hover board
6 firefly online game
5 hoverboard
5 hoverboards
4 innocent prey
4 how to build a hoverboard
4 wii
3 enoch root
3 wii help cat
3 the wire hbo
3 mattel hoverboard
3 gears of war short
3 what makes a good game
2 duck billed platypus mammals
2 built by wendy kathleen hanna
2 sukia tercer sexo review -amazon
2 phentermine online
2 gears of war water polo sharks
2 hbo wire

Dan probably didn’t realize that this post would be such an online sensation, but apparently the netizens need their hoverboards. I’m especially proud that we came up for “what makes a good game” and “sukia tercer sexo review” (without those dirty, dirty Amazon results), and I hope our writings on these matters have been helpful for you intrepid searchers.

Also, I have absolutely no idea who was searching for Gears of War and Water Polo Sharks at the same time, but I must admit that I’m impressed that we were able to accommodate you.

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