Three New(ish) Game Genres

While reading RSS feeds and chatting with Dan and Gen this morning (in Kai’s abandoned Palatial Pad), we’ve come upon three items of note relating to genres of video gaming.

Psychedelic Shooters: First, go look at this clip of Space Giraffe, and take it as one more piece of evidence that you ought to buy an Xbox 360 so you can be cool like me and Dan. When I told Gen I plan to buy this when I return to Philly, she asked me if I also plan on starting LSD. Maybe I’ll get to that after the seizures wear off.

Hoverboard Racers: Second, check out this post on Street Trace: NYC, another Xbox Live Arcade game. Kotaku writer Mike Fahey comments, “Street Trace: NYC is a new entry in my what could be favorite genre of all time: the hoverboard racer.” I figured this genre merited mention in a post here, seeing as how we’re still getting a decent amount of traffic on this site from people scouring the interweb for information on hoverboards.

3PS’s: And finally, we here at Doombot have decided that while FPS is an acceptable abbreviation of “first-person shooter,” TPS cannot adequately describe third-person shooters because of its associations with mindless paperwork. Therefore, we now officially promote the abbreviation 3PS (pronounced “THREE-pee-ess”), which is awesome because (a) it is shorter than the phrase “third-person shooter” and (b) it kind of reminds us of C-3PO. Wikipedia recognizes TPS and 3PS as acceptable abbreviations, so this is hardly a “new” game genre. Nevertheless, we feel that our considerable authority must be brought to bear on this pressing issue.

These are the things one discusses in the days following PAX.