Please Pester Airtran

Airtran Airways is canceling its Boston-Philly route. If, like me, you feel in any way invested in seeing that route not canceled, please send them a note saying so.

FWIW, I’m invested enough to edit a model letter and send it to an address that you specify; I’m not invested enough to write my own letter and look up the address. When you write your letter, post it here for others to copy.

I just went to their contact page and left a note saying (basically): I hear Airtran plans to discontinue its Boston-Philadelphia route after November. I hope this is only a temporary interruption in service, as I have been making regular use of this route with Airtran for some years now. If the plan is to cancel it entirely, please consider retaining even limited service.

I probably should’ve mentioned that my frequent use of that route also got me involved in their rewards program, which also made me more likely to fly them for other things to earn credits … but in the absence of this route, I basically have no plans to ever fly their airline again. (Unless I need to go to Atlanta, I guess.)