My Secret Christmas List, 2007

Last year I made a secret Christmas list of the stuff I didn’t expect to actually get because it was too expensive, too hard to explain to my family how to get it for me, or too tight to ever fit me. In the end, it worked out surprisingly well, as my family did their darndest to get me a Wii. (I ended up just using the Wii money for an Xbox 360.) I figure I might as well continue the tradition this year. I’m not holding my breath on anything here, of course, but isn’t pining over what you wish you had what the holidays are all about?

Item: Katamari Damacy t-shirt with a golden castle
Reason I won’t get it: Can’t even link directly to one shirt, let alone add it to my Amazon wish list.

Item: Quisp cereal
Reason I won’t get it: I’m not even really sure I want the “first internet cereal,” and it would certainly make an odd Christmas gift, but I am definitely fascinated by the retro design and the promise of Cap’n Crunch that doesn’t cut the roof of my mouth.

Item: Coach Ride to the Devil’s Castle
Reason I won’t get it: German tabletop games are sometimes hard to find in this country, especially when the packaging is in German.

Item: A Wii or a 60GB PS3
Reason I won’t get it: They pulled that trick last year.

Item: A flatscreen HDTV
Reason I won’t get it: This is one of those things that just seems like such an unreasonable luxury item to anyone who doesn’t understand the value of detailed graphics when murdering strangers over online games. But really, can’t I justify this as a research expense if I put away some Christmas money?

Have you tried MetaWishlist? You can import your Amazon list to it, and then add anything else online anywhere.

Ooh. You may have ruined the “Secret Christmas List” series. Thanks!

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