How to Become a Rock God, part 3

Last night, I got to wondering whether we, The Flaming Mongooses, had rocked too hard. The guitar that came with Rock Band simply ceased to register down strums, or else it double-registered them. The result was that we had to get very used to strumming up, which is cool as long as you’re playing bass (and in fact gets the game to call you an “Authentic Strummer,” we believe), but is kind of a pain in the arse for the more complex guitar sections.

Turns out it had nothing to do with the hardness of our rocking, however. A post at Kotaku titled “Rock Band Controllers Failing” quotes from the official Rock Band community forums:

The majority of the problems reported on the official Rock Band community forums indicate that the controller’s “down strum” simply won’t register or will double register notes after a few hours of playing.

Oh really? Hmm.

I was pretty pissed, seeing as how I had paid a metric assload of money for this game, and I felt like it should work for more than three days at a time. Fortunately, EA (the game’s distributor) handles the warrantee and replacement process decently well. If you give a credit card number as collateral (which shouldn’t be charged as long as you hold up your end of the bargain), they’ll rush ship a new guitar out to you with postage-prepaid packaging to return your old one. If you prefer not to give your card number, they’ll send you the packaging to return your old guitar and then they’ll send a new one upon receipt. I like being given options, and I like getting stuff rush shipped to me for free when junk I paid tons of money for is broken.

In the meantime, perhaps Gen and I will revisit our “side project” band, Örko, with the Guitar Hero III controller. Oh, or I guess we could go outside or something. Maybe.

Or, if you’re brave and/or handy, you can try to fix it yourself (though I’d imagine this voids your warranty, so you’re probably better off just sending it in).