Philly vs. Boston

Jason: damn it’s cold out
Dan: What’s the weather there?
Jason: 28 now … supposed to get warmer
Dan 21 here.
Jason: I’m really not looking forward to that
Dan: We’ve got a high of 30 today. Great. Bring warm clothes. And boots.
Jason: why must I return every year to the godless north
Dan: I feel like fuckin Odin ought to be showing up any minute now.
Jason: “Dan! Get in the goat-drawn buggy! It’s time for an adventure!”
Dan: Høøray!

Dan:Odin, the goats froze again.

Odin: Can you boil some water?

Dan goes to boil water, leaving Jason and Odin together, each one looking at the ground, as if they have nothing to say to each other.

Jason: Look, I know that you’re upset that I never continued my studies of Old Norse but

Odin: My by own single eye child, I don’t desire any of your excuses.

Jason: But you should…

Odin turns his back on Jason. Dan returns with a small kettle of boiling water. He’s about to pour it on the frozen goats when he notices the tension between the legendary single eyed god and the graduate student. So he makes hot cocoa and they had all bond over the lack of mini marshmallows.

Because you love the Mystery Hunt!