Short Game Review: Kane & Lynch

I enjoyed this game quite a bit, kind of to my surprise; reviewers sort of made it sound like it was crap. Admittedly, the core game mechanic is no great improvement on your typical game where you shoot bad guys, and does in fact sometimes feel unreasonably hard to master. Dying a lot is a great disservice to a game whose main strength is in feeling like an actual story. The “Lynch” half of the title completely fails to live up to its implied promise from earlier in the story, and considering that games tend to be at least three times as long as movies, you’d think they could tell one full story without leaving the rest for a sequel. (I’m looking at you, too, God of War 2.) Tell me if you get Kane & Lynch, though, so I can see whether the multiplayer is as fun and crazy as it sounds.

[…] Kane & Lynch: Dead Men: (Also 2007.) I quite liked this, which was someone unexpected after the controversial reviews of it that had caused so much heat on the internet when it came out. Single player was interesting enough, though I never played the multiplayer much and the lack of online co-op mode was certainly a let down. Jason wrote a review here.  […]

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[…] know, this game actually made me appreciate the first Kane & Lynch even more. Unfortunately, that’s because it was so unimpressive in comparison. At least its […]