Short Game Review: Stranglehold

This game quite nearly succeeds in its goal of giving you the feeling that you are directing Chow Yun Fat in your very own John Woo movie, chock full of the typical fun cliches: doves flying through gunfire, point-blank pistol standoffs, crooked cops, and firing two pistols while diving, jumping off walls, rolling on beverage carts, sliding down railings, swinging from chandeliers, and sliding over tables (in slow-motion). It actually gets quite a bit right, such as the fact that just about everything you shoot—from watermelons to stone pillars to cars to bird cages—falls apart and/or explodes when shot. On the other hand, this makes it so hard to find any cover that the game (even on “normal” mode) quickly becomes an exercise in frustration. I’d feel more like The Killer if I weren’t getting killed myself so damn much. Also, despite being billed as a “sequel” to Hard Boiled, pretty much the only thing they keep (as far as I could tell) is the title character’s name. I know this will be a big disappointment for those of you who felt very engaged with the other characters, themes, and nuances of plot in that movie.

[…] this would be it. In terms of third-person shooter mechanics, it’s basically John Woo’s Stranglehold—jumping, sliding, running against walls, and shoot from two guns in slow-motion—but generally […]